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Fuel Cell Hydrogen Vehicle Farewell

The UCI Fuel Cell Bus was a main attraction at the UCI Spirit Night with the Anaheim Ducks vs. Calgary Flames hockey game on February 21. The Orange County community, and UCI students and staff had the opportunity to see the bus first-hand and learn about the environmental advantages of its non-combustion power plant. APEP graduate student, Analy Munoz, was with the bus to answer questions and explain how the bus transports passengers using hydrogen as a fuel that emits only water as a tailpipe emission, and Fox Sports conducted an interview with the UCI Basketball Team in front of the bus. Showcasing the Fuel Cell Bus at the event provided the opportunity for the Orange County community to learn of UC Irvine's dedication to adopting alternative, clean-renewable transportation.

Clockwise from Top Right:
1) Hydrogen Road Tour 2009
2) Fuel Cell Hydrogen Vehicle at the UC Irvine Hydrogen Station
3) City of Irvine Deployment Event 2005
4) Professor Scott Samuelsen with the Fuel Cell Hydrogen Vehicle at the National Fuel Cell Research Center

May 5, 2016