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Fuel Cell Technologies Ltd. (FCT) Receives Purchase Order for the Supply and Installation of Two 5 kW Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) Power Systems


Irvine, Calif., Jun. 11, 2001 — Fuel Cell Technologies Ltd., (FCT) has received a purchase order for the supply and installation of two 5 kW SOFC power systems. The first will be delivered to The Presidio Trust in San Francisco, and the second to the National Fuel Cell Research Center at the University of California at Irvine. This represents FCT's first sales of demonstration SOFC power systems.

FCT is working toward the commercialization of its SOFC 5 kW power system for stationary applications. The installation of demonstration units will occur throughout the second half of 2002. In keeping with FCT's commitment to supply its customers with 'best in class' products, FCT has a Joint Development Agreement with Siemens Westinghouse Power Corporation ("SWPC") for the SOFC stack component. SWPC has designed and successfully tested the SOFC tubular cells that they will supply for FCT's 5 kW SOFC power system.

A complete SOFC power generating system requires many sub-systems to supply and control the flow of air and fuel to the cell stack, control the temperature of the stack, and export usable heat. The entire system, designed by FCT, is contained in a structure approximately the size of a household refrigerator. Safety of operation is ensured by a sophisticated microprocessor-based control system.

FCT has assembled a prototype of these safety and control systems and is testing its proprietary software for the operation of its 5 kW SOFC product. FCT is scheduled to begin the integration of all systems in the latter half of this year. FCT is a fuel cell system integrator and a leading developer of solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) systems.

FCT's core business is production of small-scale SOFC power systems to provide electricity and heat for stationary applications such as homes, remote sites, and small commercial enterprises. FCT is also a world leader in the development of aluminum-energy systems and continues to produce aluminum-air (Al/O2) energy systems for AUVs and other remote applications. FCT's research and production facilities are located in Kingston, Ontario, Canada.